Our mission is to:

  • Share our knowledge and passion for diamonds, gems and watches
  • Source the finest GIA certified diamonds
  • Offer our unrivaled and trusted expertise 
  • Demystify and simplify the buying and selling process
  • Provide great value and continued service 
  • Create jewelry that makes people happy
  • Exceed our clients' expectations
  • Build a long-term professional relationship built on mutual trust
  • Create a win/win environment 
  • Have fun!


Purchasing a diamond is a very confusing proposition (no pun intended).  The prospective diamond purchaser probably has very little knowledge or experience in this arena unless they are an extremely analytical type who spends countless hours on the internet obsessing over blogs and online diamond sales sites (which often have misleading, incorrect, or biased information).  The buying process is further compounded with the expected sense of fear and nervousness that tends to accompany the anticipation of this particular life cycle event.  That being said, shopping for an engagement ring can be very emotionally taxing.  The internal dialogue of the potential buyer most likely begins to swirl in a multi-dimensional mass of chaos, thus giving birth to a concurrent chorus of questions: “How much should I spend?”, “Will they like the style?”, “Are they the one?”, “Who made up this tradition anyway?”, “Why am I buying into some marketing ploy?”, “Is this what I really want?”, “Where should I get the diamond?”, “Am I going to get ripped off?”, “Whom can I trust?”, “Do I go for size or quality?”…it can go on and on and on…you get the drift.  You might be nodding in agreement right about now if you are currently in the process.  Bottom line, there’s a lot going on! - a mixture of financial considerations and raw emotions.  Our customers have consistently noted that we made it super easy for them.  We are a trusted advisor with a passion for diamonds, and for people - this is our winning combination.